Keep Edmonton winters out with a new Front Door!

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Codel Exterior Doors

Edmonton winters are cold and long, with blowing snow and bone chilling winds. Most of the time we spend too much time moving all the fallen snow from day-to-day. As most homeowners, the number one thing that we worry about is the insulation value that we have in our homes. We want to make sure that we have the best insulation value that we can have.

Exterior doors are one oFront Door Winterf the major spots that the cold air can get in from those Edmonton winters.

Replacing that old exterior door is a way to help insulate you home and even lower your power bill, everyone loves more money in the back pocket. You could replace just the door slab or do a brand new pre-hung.

If you don’t want to go to all the trouble, just replace that old weather-strip to give your door a brand new seal or change that old tarnished hardware to give it a refreshed look. Looking for how-to advice, ask us — we’re here to help!

Curb appeal is the first impression and you want that to be long lasting. A refreshed look is worth every penny spent and a some say “more than a thousand words”. There are many different options to create the look that you are looking for any budget. Here are couple of ideas that could make any homeowner on your street take a second look or visit our Exterior Door Gallery!

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