Making the most out of Mouldings

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Crown Moulding, Mouldings, Casings, BaseboardsCertain things make a room look finished. Fancy cabinetry, the latest paint colours or great tile simply can’t give the feeling of completeness like mouldings, casings and trim can. From the floor up to the ceiling, mouldings can create a look that is dramatic, elegant or simple by essentially putting the period at the end of your home decorating sentence.

While some homes come with baseboards, casing and trim already installed, “contractor’s special” or glued down rubber is unlikely the statement you’re after in your home.

Kitchens are one of the rooms that get overlooked when it comes to making the most of mouldings. Sometimes the living room gets all the special extras and other times, the budget gets blown on soft-close drawers leaving no money for the trim and finishes. Then there are, of course, those kitchens waiting for “someday.”

If now is the time to finish that kitchen renovation, or you’re ready to spruce things up and change them around, take a stroll through the mouldings at Windsor Plywood. At first glance, the huge selection can be a bit overwhelming, but if you narrow things down before you’re trip to your local Windsor Plywood store, you’ll be set up for success at the start.

Stand in your kitchen and take stock of the style – or the style you wish to achieve. Square-edged, shaker-style cabinets may predict a wide plain baseboard, similarly plain casings for doors topped off with simple corner medallions for a classy finish.


Gently sloped crown mouldings absent of details make a nice finishing touch for this type of room, either on top of dropped upper cabinets or in the traditional position at the ceiling.

If you have more of a French Colonial look with cherry-wood finish doors and lots of detail, go for more ornate mouldings with curves and edges to emphasize the style you’re after and complement the overall look.

Even if you think your kitchen is void of style, adding crown moulding to the top of cabinets, giving extra trim to the window casing and swapping out the baseboards for something you love will have a significant positive impact.

Talk to the experts at the Windsor Plywood Door Shop for their input. With your photos and design ideas, the experts can help you narrow down the choices. Plus, you can ask to purchase just a foot or two of your favourite selections to take home and come up with the final plan.

Many stores sell mouldings, but often only the most common styles and very few in natural wood. Fortunately, with the huge selection of primed and bare wood, the choice of paint or stain is in your hands at Windsor Plywood. You’re not pinned down by a narrow selection.

When the choice of mouldings is made you don’t need to buy all the tools to cut them. Simply take your exact measurements and style choice to the Door Shop and ask them to cut everything for you.

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