Panelling Playtime

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Today’s moWall Panels, wooddern panelling has a wider range of options than the dark 1970s-esque rec room. Certainly there are wood-look styles similar to that generation’s, but even these have a more natural look, better finish and far more applications than you may be aware of. Throw the tile-look, stone-look and metal-look options in the mix and ideas start popping up like weeds in a garden.

Is there a room in your home that could use some sprucing up? A piece of furniture in need of a makeover? Of course there is! Unless you’re living in a new show home, there is always something that could use a little extra love.

With a few basic tools like a tape measure, saw, adhesive or other fasteners and a willingness to learn and be patient, it’s possible to transform a bathroom, bedroom or dining area with paneling in a weekend. But wait! As much as putting paneling on a wall, or using it for wainscoting is a great idea, there are many more options for weekend projects.

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Here are 5 ideas that may jump-start your own creative thoughts:

  1. Turn the dust-collecting wet bar in the basement into a man cave centrepiece. Use aluminum paneling with a star pattern to create a semi-industrial backsplash behind the bar and beat the heck out of mirror or old tiles. Then, find a weathered looking wood paneling to cover the bar front and sides in contrast to the modern backsplash. Either keep the existing bar top, or cover it with more aluminum and you’ve got a full-on case of man envy when friends come by for drinks.
  1. Refinish an old trunk with one of the wood-look paneling styles and stain wood mouldings to match or contrast and finish the edges. There’s no need to strip off the old finish, just go right overtop and use a combination of construction adhesive and decorative finishing nails to bring it all together. Try to retain and reuse the larger hardware though as genuine steamer trunk hardware can be hard to find. It’s an updated version of a rustic look for a classic, functional piece.
  1. Give an indoor space an outdoor look and wow factor by applying slate or stone-look paneling in the last places rock work is expected. Bathrooms, foyers and bedrooms are great opportunities to use these earthy-looking materials because of the unexpected application. Go for smaller projects to create impact like surrounding a pillar, covering a narrow wall and making it a feature or using it as a headboard showcase: simply cover an area at the head of the bed with panelling then surrounding it with a stained decorative moulding.
  1. An old bookcase can become a showpiece and room divider when refinished with panelling and trim. Traditionally, bookcases are pushed with their back to the wall, but when the back is finished with a tile-look or other type of paneling, the bookcase can become a room divider to separate an office from a living space while still retaining function.
  1. So often our fireplaces are covered with red brick that doesn’t suit the rest of the room. If painting the bricks isn’t your idea of a good time, use panelling to create a new façade around the edges. Brick is generally laid fairly flush so applying panelling overtop and finishing it with custom mouldings will create a whole new modern look.

There’s so much more to do with paneling that just covering a wall. Take stock of what might need a refresh in your home and you’ll be surprised at the ideas that come up! Visit our Panel Collection or email us your project idea to