Sell your home fast with these quick updates!

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Therma-Tru Steel Exterior Doors, Windsor Plywood EdmontonCurb Appeal: the minute prospective buyers arrive at your home, they are judging. From landscaping to your entrance (including front door) to spotting repairs such as cracked pavement or patio stones. Most people want a home that is move-in ready and you want to sell your home fast! Take a look at your home’s entrance from a buyers perspective, does it need:

  • paint job
  • new front door
  • updated door knob or door bell
  • siding to enhance your home
  • repairs to stonework or wood deck

Bathroom & Kitchen Updates: prospective buyers look at the state of the bathroom and kitchen before making a buying decision. Since bathroom and kitchen renovations typically are expensive and home improvement nightmares, people shy away from reno work. To update or refresh either of these spaces, without doing the renovation yourself, consider:

  • paint the room a neutral colour
  • replace baseboards and mouldings for an updated look (easy weekend project!)
  • update light fixtures and replace bulbs with new ones
  • update cabinetry hardware — this goes a long way!
  • new faucets and shower heads to freshen up the bathroom

Home Improvement: although you probably don’t want to invest too much into your home that is on the market, a few easy home improvement tips can go a long way:

  • consider laminate or vinyl flooring to update a room
  • cedar panels are great to create a feature wall
  • baseboards, mouldings, and casings instantly update a space
  • paint and paint and paint freshens up the place
  • replace interior doors and door knobs

Declutter: tuck away all family photos and memorabilia, buyers want to envision themselves living in the space. This handy list will get the job done:

declutter home

  • toss all magazines, newspapers, and mail
  • store small kitchen appliances and counter top accessories i.e.) bread box
  • pack coats, boots, clothing away — when people look into your closet space it should appear open and spacious
  • clear out your linen closet, pantry, and cleaning supplies
  • store or toss any sun damaged rugs, pillows, and furniture
  • think of your space as a hotel – limited, clean, and simple

Looking for how-to advice or need a quote to complete these home improvement projects started, visit Windsor Plywood Edmonton or click below. Good luck selling your home!


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