Understanding the Latest Trends in Hardwood

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In the 70s and 80s it was common to cover up all that beautiful hardwood with carpeting. Now, we want to show it off! The look of hardwood is timeless, but smooth finished wood doesn’t work for every lifestyle. Here are the latest trends to consider if you want more of that wood look in a way that fits your life.

Vinyl Flooring, alternative to hardwood

Popular for a while now, the distressed look is still very much in. Distressed finishes are most commonly found in traditional “real” hardwoods and engineered hardwood products (which are still wood, just constructed differently). “Scraped” style distressing may be newer to flooring showrooms but it has been around for centuries. It gives the appearance of small waves, or smooth gouges, as though caused by scraping and sanding the wood. Because they are already distressed these types of flooring are great for active families as any future damage won’t even be noticed! The appearance of distress can be found in non-wood products as well, but don’t expect as many of those fabulous bumps and grooves – it’s mostly just the look.

Wood tiles are super hot right now; with finishes from smooth and glossy to those great distressed looks noted above. On the plus side, your floors (or walls) will be durable and water-resistant. On the other hand, tile can be cold (if not heated in-floor) and if something super heavy drops, it will break the tile as opposed to denting real wood.

Another non-wood option is vinyl planks. Made wide to look like the current trends in wood floors, these vinyl strips are affordable, easy to install and give a convincing look of wood. Many even come with dents and gouges to mimic the distressed finish. Laminates don’t do the distressed look well. While the laminate products available today are amazing compared to just a few years ago, they still are ultimately a picture on top of a piece of wood so can’t create the look of texture.

When it comes to colour, whether in wood or wood-look products, the hottest trend is grey. It’s a cross between the look of a grey wood stain and the aged look cedar gets if left outside untreated. When used in a distressed-look product, floors can look like they’ve been ripped off an old barn. You don’t have to worry about ruining smooth shiny wood floors anymore! Look to the latest trends and bring wood into your home, visit our Flooring Collection or send us an email to floors@windsoredmonton.com.

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